This week flew by!! Which I am glad for, I want the next four weeks to fly! I notice that I forgot to post 14 week update :( School kept me pretty busy, so had Matthew with him working a lot and us only having one car so I had to play taxi... which is not my favorite past-time. 

Baby is doing fine, I threw up like five times in the last two weeks... one was from a horrible migraine and I ended up missing the toilet and getting it everywhere! Sorry if it was tmi... Our poor bug (our dog) was worried about me not feeling well, she followed me everywhere to check up on me. She even cuddled with me for a bit. She is the best 70lbs lab dog ever! Ha ha ha. 

I keep on checking on the doppler for the baby's heart beat and so far I have found it with no problem!! Though yesterday it gave me a scare. I turn it on, found it right off the bat (sometimes I know where the baby is because there is a "bump" on my lower tummy) and listened to it for a couple mins. Then I wanted to record it so I grabbed my phone went back to the same spot and could not find it!! ahh!!! After ten mins the little jitter bug (our nick name for the baby) moved from my left side to the right... I did not know he/she could move that far that fast.... anyways the baby's heart beat is getting so much louder!! I can hear it very clearly now, at first I had the volume on the doppler up all the way and had trouble hearing it (that was at 11 weeks) now at 15 weeks and some change I can hear the baby's heart beat no problem! I am pretty sure my sister can hear it in the next room too ;)

No update about finding a house :( we want to get out asap because certain people drive us crazy! ( I am pretty sure the animals feel the same). Yesterday we took some baby pictures but it was kinda hard due to the wind and the time of day. I knew no one wanted to be out taking pictures of me at the proper time, around dusk, so we took them mid-day which we battle the sun and the wind. But we got some nice ones. We even manage to get one that looks like we are in Washington :D 

So I shall end this blog with a baby bump picture of me...


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