They say time passes by quickly, but I did not believe them. My baby would be a baby forever, right? I remember on those hard days, how I wish that he was older, more self helping, less crying. Now, I miss that newborn cry. Or how he would only fall asleep on my chest and he made me stay and enjoy his baby self. How he smelt so new.... now a day he smells like the last thing he has gotten into or has eaten. 

It is amazing how he has grown 10 inches and gained 15 lbs in a matter of a year. 10 inches!!! That is half of his birth length! He has gone from a fragile newborn to a toddler who I wonder why he keeps finding my fragile things. 

His birthday is already next week. When he was first born, I wonder what he would look like as an one year old, now I look back to see what he use to look like as a toddler. I know I will cry on his birthday, both for joy that we survived this year and that it went by so fast.

Until next time.

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