Or in my case, having a baby around!

I was looking at my calendar today and had to take a step back. I know it is not already October? It cannot be! I thought we just started this year! Three more months and this year will be over and done with! Ahhhhhhh!

The weather has notice (finally) how late it is in the year and now it is starting to get cooler! Last two days I actually had to put on a jacket! It also has been raining on and off so our grass is green! Fall is my favorite season plus my favorite holiday is coming up! Thanksgiving!!! You thought I was going to say Christmas eh? :) 

Thanksgiving has been my favorite holiday since I was very little. I love the smell of food baking in the kitchen, the wind blowing the golden leaves outside, my dad yelling at the TV because his sport team made a bad move. 

This year we get to share it with our sweet boy! He will still just get milk but I am sure he will enjoy the holiday as well! I am still planning on what he will wear that day!

So what have we been up to? Last Friday Matthew and I went on a date. I am discovering how annoying it is to try and eat out when you have to avoid a certain food or in my case a whole food group. 

On our date we ate out then went to the movies and saw Hotel Transylvania! We really did not expect that movie to be as funny as it was but Matthew and I were rolling in our seats the whole time!
Matthew and I were shocked at how many parents had their little ones at the movie theater at 11 o'clock at night! There was even a tiny baby in front of us! I know we would never have our babies out that late! 

Our parents watched Samuel for us, after him not sleeping all day and being cranky because of it, Samuel slept the whole five hours were were gone! He slept until we brought him home! I wished I knew that he would just sleep the whole time because then I would have not bothered to pack anything for him! It would have made leaving much easier and quicker!

Saturday Matthew and I went shopping all day and we got presents for Samuel's grandparents.

(Picture below is us at a deli on Saturday, see the blonde kid in the mirror? He got all excited about seeing a baby and then his parents were asking if he would like a baby too ;)   )
The presents are thank-you presents for watching him for us. We got them three pictures (the first picture of this blog is one of them and the others are below) with picture frames. I have to say the one of my Mom and Samuel made me laugh! They turned out pretty good I think!
On Monday (yesterday) my Mom took Samuel and I out for the day to go dress shopping for Cherilyn's and Ben's wedding! Samuel and I took a nice nap in the car while my Mom visited a daycare center for her job. Samuel was up and fed by the time she got back. 

Then we went to Denny's for lunch. All the waitresses were talking to Samuel telling him what a good baby he was. I love when other people brag about their kids! You can really see how much they love their kids and it is too cute!

After that we went dress shopping! I tried on 20 dresses and finally found the one! It looks amazing on me! I am excited to try it on again soon! I shall have to post a picture later! 

Since it took a long time to find the dress we drove home from Waco to our house where Matthew was waiting for us.. He cooked some really yummy steaks! And that was our Monday!

Today I am on a cleaning frenzy while Samuel is taking a nice long nap. I love cleaning! Love a clean house and love when Samuel takes long naps ha ha ha. 

Later tonight we are going running! I am excited, we have not ran in two weeks! I am trying to get back down to my goal weight so I am starting to eat healthier and hopefully exercise more! 

See how blue my son's eyes are?! I hope they stay blue! They are the same color as his Papaw's, my dad's, eye color.

So that is what happened last week and yesterday. 

How is Samuel doing with his reflex and breast milk? Reflex wise he is still throwing up a lot. I forgot to give him his meds in the morning and he was throwing up a lot. Last night he soaked us while we watched TV! But screaming wise he is still has not done his pain crying! Whoot!

He is still trying to figure out this whole breast feeding but he is nursing half the time and the other half he is taking a bottle. I am hoping a visit from the lactation consultant will help us to only nurse!  

He he he, my son is doing the "duh!" face! Or Face palm.... he looks cute ha ha ha!

Well, I better get back to cleaning before my little guy wakes up! Hopefully Matthew will post soon! I keep on bugging him to post but he keeps on forgetting ;)


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